The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), has downplayed reports of the influx of some fake rice purported to be ‘plastic rice’ on the Ghanaian market.

A video of the supposed plastic rice was circulating on social media platforms cautioning people against the purchase of that particular brand of rice. But speaking to Citi News, the Public Relations Officer of the FDA, James Lartey, indicated that the authority’s investigations across the country have shown no trace of such ‘plastic rice’ on the market. “We went around checking and investigating and up till now, in any sample of the said rice, we are not seeing that the thing is on the market.”

Mr. Lartey suggested the possibility of the allegations emanating from the competitors in the rice retail market, but urged the public to report to the FDA if they indeed come across it. “We are just appealing to the public, if you have a sample or you have seen somebody selling it, just get a sample, bring it to us or call us and tell us where the product is. We will move immediately and deal with it,” he said.