Some illegal miners at Asamaman in the Atiwa district of the Eastern Region are asking government to intervene in what they call constant threats by a concessionaire in the area.

According to them, this concessionaire, one Yaw Ayebiahwe, invaded a mining site they were working on over the weekend with some armed land guards to arrest 12 of their group for mining within his territory.

One of the leaders of the illegal miners, Kelvin Fiame, spoke to Citi News and warned that the illegal miners may be forced to retaliate if government did not intervene.

He narrated that Ayebiahwe “came there and he was telling us that now his government is in power and that we are working on his concession so if we joke, he is going to kill us. They started shooting and most of our guys run away. Those who were afraid just lay down and he [Ayebiahwe] picked about 12 guys and took them to the police station.”

“Now we can’t even remove our equipment so we want the government to come in. The way Ayebiahwe is attacking us with guards, it is not that we don’t have money. We can also afford AK 47s and things but we are not at war here,” Kevin Fiame warned.

Meanwhile, confirming the incident to Citi News, police in the region said they have in custody the 12 men brought in by Ayebiahwe’s men.

The Eastern regional police Public Relations Officer, ASP Nketiah Yeboah spoke to Citi News said investigations have since begun to determine whether to arraign the 12 or grant them bail “but there is nothing of kidnapping in the arrest.”

“Investigations have just begun. If truly the suspects are guilty of encroachment or unlawful entry or anything of that nature. If they are not, we have no option but to release them,” ASP Yeboah said.