Simon Adingra thanks the people of FC Nordsjælland, while he says that the switch to Brighton and the Premier League is a dream come true.  

On Friday night, it was announced that Simon Adingra will depart FC Nordsjælland and the Superligaen as he joins Brighton and the Premier League.  

And 20-year-old Adingra is looking forward to the change, which he describes as a dream, while he also talks about his time in Denmark.  

"Ever since I was a boy, it has been my dream to play in the Premier League one day. It is a huge moment for me that that dream is now coming true, and I feel privileged and grateful to have had the chance to pursue my dream at the Right to Dream Academy and at FC Nordsjælland. 

I am proud of where I am today and the journey from Ivory Coast to Benin to Right to Dream and FCN has not always been easy. " 

" It was a hard blow to break the arm at the first training in FCN. I am grateful for the help and support I received from physiotherapists and coaches who taught me how important it is as a young player to have patience, trust the process and work hard. "

"The challenges I have faced and worked with in the first years of my career in FC Nordsjælland, have made me stronger and developed me as a person and player. And I am proud of how, with a positive attitude, I have always worked and done my best not to let this opportunity go to waste."

"Finally, I would like to send a big thank you to everyone at Right to Dream and FCN for always helping and supporting me. I will always look back on my time in Right to Dream and FC Nordsjælland with great gratitude and feel blessed to be part of the Right to Dream family," he says in a press release.

Adingra has signed a four-year contract with Brighton.