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As a budding football player, you need to take it slow. Do not rush wanting to show off to your friends how much good you are. Patience pays right? However, if you are making a Whatsapp group with your friends to show your football skills, here is a word of caution – you need to be aware of your privacy.

Whatsapp – What do People Love?

Since WhatsApp was developed it is the most popular social media site. It has surpassed over half a billion users in 2018. Right now, WhatsApp is being managed by Facebook which updates it's network worth, which is about $19 billion.

WhatsApp is the new message app these days. The addition of group chats has revolutionized the way we communicate to family or friends. You have seen a funny meme or want to plan a birthday party and want to share it, just liaise it to your group. These group chats are supposed to strengthen our relationships with our family and friends.

How to Keep Your Whatsapp Group from Going out of Control?

However, there are times when WhatsApp groups can be boring and out of control. For one, it can be as a result of bickering or unknown people being added to the group. Imagine an unknown person joining your family's group chat; it can get really creepy.

Whatsapp’s July 2nd Update

WhatsApp, on 2nd July, released a new feature that let's the admin control the group chat. In addition the group admin has the mandate to send messages to who they think are relevant and who can become group admin. This will make the group conversation be a bit more efficient.

Earlier in January WhatsApp had introduced a feature that allowed participants to demote group admin. This allowed them to take control of the conversation and the group admins loosing all privileges.

For one to have this feature one will need the latest version of  which is 2.18.198. The admin will need to:

  • Open WhatsApp the latest version.

  • Open the group chat.

  • Tap on group info.

  • Find the group settings

  • Tao on "Edit group admins"

  • Select the participants that you want to converse with.

Other group members will get a notification of a footer that shows them that only the group admin and selected participants can converse in the group.

In this case the admin would have disabled some members from commenting in the group. This power that admins have been given will anger a few but it is a way for them to control what is said.

However, the admins should not take advantage of this and end up abusing their power.

To make another person of the group a group admin you will need to:

  • Open the group which you are an admin of.

  • Tap on the group info.

  • Select group settings.

  • Tap on "edit group admins"

  • Select the person you want to add an admin.

This will give that other person the mandate and privilege that an admin has.