Trump’s tweet about Jewish voters comes as Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar remains under fire over recent comments suggesting Jewish organisations pay US politicians to support Israel, which many viewed as anti-Semitic.

US President Donald Trump has once again managed to rile up social media as he praised a grassroots movement called "Jexodus" (apparently a portmanteau of the words “Jew” and “Exodus”) which encourages Jewish voters to abandon the Democratic Party.
"Republicans are waiting with open arms", Trump tweeted, urging the voters to remember his decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and his handling of the “horrible Iran nuclear deal".

​Trump’s tweet was quickly rebutted by many people online, with some of even challenging the very existence of "Jexodus".

​The movement’s name also seemed amusing to some.

​A number of people also claimed that the president’s tweet looks inappropriate in the wake of the deadly shooting in New Zealand.

​There were also those, however, who appeared to share Trump’s sentiment.

​Trump’s remark comes as Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar remains under fire over recent comments suggesting Jewish organisations pay US politicians to support Israel, which many viewed as anti-Semitic. READ MORE: ‘Mounting Frustrations’: Democrats Mull Primary Challenge Against Ilhan Omar Later, she repeated her assertions, saying Jewish organisations were pushing members of US Congress to have "allegiance to a foreign country".Source: