In this era of naming and renaming, some people are already indicating to "MR DO NOTHING" where he can go and name, and the names he should give to these places or structures. Somethings have traditional and or historical importance.

An NPP guy exclaimed in an argument with me "Did you do these projects with your pocket money?. Is it not the tax payers money you used". At this period you realise hands have been thrown into the air in desperation. AGYE GON !!!

For the sake of giving them breath, Iet's come down a bit to their level just for today. May I ask if the Ghanian has stopped paying taxes?. What is happening with the tax payers money now?, If doing it is easy, why is it not being done?, _IF YOU SEE A BIG HEAD CRACKING NUTS WITH ITS TEETH, NEVER STAND IDLE AND SAY IT'S EASY_

Sometimes we forget so easily where we stood yesterday, but just a click of a button will expose any hypocrite.

The NPP, during President Rawlings' administration, accused him of constructing too many roads when people were hungry. They further asked if the roads can be served on the dining tables for lunch?

Fast forward President Kuffuor became president and immediately named one of the Rawlings' Roads, OBASANJO HIGHWAY . Interesting, right?

President Mills became president and I can arguably say, he was the most insulted, attacked and vilified president by the NPP and their media cronies.

Nothing of his was appreciated, though he invested hugely in building clinics, roads schools, hospitals etc. Providing educational materials, uniforms etc, free to schools. But Akuffo Addo called him president do little.

President Mahama took over, continued on the path of his predecessor, expanded fibre optic cables across the country, built affordable houses, roads , CHP compounds, clinics, airports, markets and what have you . THE COUNTRY WAS SEEING TRANSFORMATION within a space of 4 years.

Unfortunately, he was accused of inflating prices just to take away their shame of accepting a job well done.

The NDC was not interested in who these projects were named after, but meeting the needs and comfort of Ghanians. NDC will remain a people centred party, not a family centred one.

I have been wondering what the legacy of this Akuffo Addo administration will be?.

Today, no project is on-going, the initiatives of the previous administration are left in the bushes being overtaken by rats, grown weeds and lizards, roads which were 60 to 70 % complete have been left to be washed away.

Have we, Ghanians stopped paying taxes? Infact I suspect the Ghanian taxes have found a better job to do. It is serving the comfort of a family with a chief called NANA .

Aircraft are being hired to serve the comfort of the CHIEF and his family though we own one .

The general secretary of the party will also rents an aircraft to celebrate his birthday, and even cut a cake with other national executives in the aircraft to tell us how rich he has become , and how poor you are .

Infact, the tax payers money has been used to buy ECG and called it PDS for the president.'s friends and his family. Nana y3 winner ampa .

The executive secretary of the president Asante Badiatuo is using your tax payers money opulently chilling in France with his ... partners and you are here rehearsing 🎼🎼 nananana y3 winner ooo🎼🎼 . Oy3 winner ampa.

I am sure the president has achieved his childhood mission of being a president and making his clan rich and powerful. What about you who was singing nananana y3 winner ooo .......🎼🎼 how be market?

Just look positively into the future and you will realise there are better days ahead .

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim siblings .

Kun fa Yakun