The Ghana cedis
The Ghana cedis

Scores of market women at the Kaase Market in the Ashanti region for years to come, may never nurse the thought of saving their earnings with any banking institution following what has befallen them.

Few months after thousands of persons lost their investments to Ponzi Micro-finance institutions in the Brong Ahafo in the infamous DKM scandal that rocked the county, a similar incident has occurred in the Ashanti Region

Express Link which is operated as a micro-finance company has reportedly absconded with thousands of Ghana Cedis being the life savings of the market women who are inconsolable.

The micro finance company which has four branches at Aputuogya, Sokoban, Asante Bekwai and Manso Atwedie all in the Ashanti region and two foreign branches in USA and Italy after taking various contributions from its customers has reportedly closed down.

It is unclear what triggered its closure but defrauded customers claim countless efforts to retrieve their monies from the mobile bankers of the micro finance company have proven futile.

“We visited all the branches of the Micro finance company in Kumasi continuously but their premises remained locked.

It is true the micro finance has absconded with my money; I have been saving with them close to a year and half. They told us after deposit you can withdraw your money after 6 months. So after depositing 6 hundred Ghana, I went in for my interest after the first 6 months, but the second time was when I realized they had closed their premises. Because of this my husband has refused to give me money any time I ask him”, worried customers told Ultimate News.

All efforts to speak to the management of the micro finance company proved futile as all their branches still remain closed with the numbers provided not going through as at press time.

Source: GhanaWeb