Appointed Deputy Special Prosecutor nominee, Mrs Cynthia Jane Naa-Koshie Lamptey has stated appearing before Parliament earlier today said  if she is  not allowed to be independent in the discharge of her duties, she will resign.

Mrs Lamptey who was vetted to take the place as the assistant position of Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu says she is committed to fighting corruption and will not entertain nepotism and cronyism in the discharge of her duties.

She said,  “Officers must have the moral integrity not to employ people that they can easily handle. If you employ me and I’m somebody that you can walk over, whatever you ask me to do I will do, so, officers must be able to employ people who they do not have any hold on”.

Mrs Lamtey said she will not appoint relatives, as it serves as a conflict of interest when the question was thrown to her by the Chairman of the committee, Joe Osei Owusu.

She said, "I will not not even want the public to even come near and say that I’m an acquaintance, so, I'll not even go near that. I'll not employ you”.