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Kingston city FC – club results on the 777score website

Special attention of Australian fans is attracted by the Kingston city FC. Since 2016, it has been promoted from the secondary division to the National Premier League of Victoria. Within these competitions, the team shows average, but stable results.

At the same time, the main hopes of the club are still based on the striker Damian Yakonis, who played an important role in the uprise of the club. To assess the club’s future prospects, it is enough to have a look at the following facts:

  1. It was this player who snatched the promotion in 2016, scoring a decisive goal in the 94th minute of the match.

  2. In the final of the second Victoria, Yakonis gave the priority to Mitrovic, who brought the club the title of the king of the league with 19 goals.

  3. In 2017, the team won the 10th place again thanks to Yakonis, who scored 12 goals.

  4. The next season was even more successful - the 6th place with 11 goals by Yakonis.

Given these results, Kingston has every chance of staying in the middle of the tournament table, but not rising to the top. Indeed, ahead of the team is the game against a stronger opponent, Hume city.

On the other hand, the team is predicted to win in the game against Dandenong, which can level the results. Keep abreast of the FC Kingston city statistics together with the 777score!