Popular columnist and businessman, Fadi Dabbousi, has begun a food sharing project in the affected lockdown communities as part of his contribution towards Ghana's fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Dabbousi, who is also a staunch member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, through his charity works, has reached out to over 2,000 people within the Greater Accra Region by sharing packed foods to the poor and vulnerable.

The project dubbed “Supporting the war against Covid -19 hand in hand with President Akufo-Addo” saw a lot smiling as they were given well-packaged meals.

After sharing some of the meals to the residents of Achimota/Akweteyma, he explained that this "Food Train Project" was inspired by the President's initiative and appeal to put all hands on deck to ameliorate the suffering that this COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing on people especially the poor and vulnerable.

He is of the hope that the affluent in society will be encouraged by such acts to come on board and provide food for the communities affected by this lockdown.

According to him, he will keep sharing the little he has with the vulnerable in society until there is none to share. He believes that after all, it is the civic duty of every citizen to assist where and when possible in this crisis.

“We are going to share over 2,000 meals to the vulnerable between Wednesday and Sunday. That’s what we can afford, for now, hopefully, after the President’s update, we will see the way forward.” He said.

He added that "the President has had to make very difficult, but necessary decisions to implement stern measures to control the COVID-19 virus, which have come along with their own challenges on society. In order to assist, people must rise to the occasion and put shoulder to bumper to win this war. The President has become a beacon of hope and an example that world leaders emulate."

"The truth is that the President alone cannot control this pandemic. It behoves on all of us to carry some responsibility. That is why we need to participate to ensure that we finally win the war against the deadly coronavirus disease" he added.

Mr. Dabbousi was accompanied by NPP  bigwig, Mrs Anita Ofori-Atta, who also advised the residents to take health directives given by both health practitioners by preventing themselves from getting infected and also to the spread of the novel COVID 19.

The residents who get the food hailed Fadi for coming to their aids at this very critical moments.