People must stop trooping to the Flagstaff House on daily basis and leave President Nana Akufo-Addo alone to work, retired diplomat K B Asante has said.

Speaking about the debate on whether the name of the seat of government should remain Flagstaff House or be reversed to Jubilee House as named by the Kufuor administration, which put up the sprawling edifice, Mr Asante, who served in the Nkrumah administration told Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen political talk porgramme on Friday that rather than wallowing in such minor issues, Ghanaians must use their brains for serious things such as fashioning out how to ensure that few people gain access to the Flagstaff House.

In his view, some restrictions must be put in place to restrict entry into the Flagstaff House as far as “…who should go there and how the president can be assisted to do his work” is concerned.

“… There are too many people going to Flagstaff House. We mount security zones and say don’t go there and so on but it means nothing.

“In Nkrumah’s time, in his office, there were only three of us and people did not come there just like that, by heart, and, so, he had time to work, he was there by 7:30am and he worked until about 1:30pm or 2pm then he went home.

“Right now the President of Ghana has even more work, there are more problems so he should have the freedom to work in peace in the Flagstaff house without being disturbed by people from dawn to dusk,” Mr Asante said.