800 meters Youth Olympic Gold medallist, Martha Bissah,has gained a full scholarship worth $32,000 to study at the Norfolk University in Virginia USA

This comes after the heartbreak of missing the Rio Olympics after suffering a few turbulent years.

The budding athlete is set to put her troubled past behind her and the first step is by paying full attention to her academics.

The man who made this possible is former Ghana Athletics Association chairman, George Lutterodt, who believes this will go a long way to turn the young lady’s career around

"Bissah since she won the gold medal for Ghana, has never been able to represent Ghana in any competition. Her standards have gone backwards instead of forwards,” he told Joy Sports.

"Obtaning such schorlaship to go to the States will improve her as she will have all the facilities at her disposal."

"She has also registered with the NCAA that is she can run within the circuit in the United States of America something that has been denied her.... It's going to help her tremendously"