Embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome, is claiming the actions by Martin Amidu is nothing more than sour grapes.

He claims Mr. Amidu’s crusade is not in defence of the Constitution as he would want Ghanaians to believe but in furtherance to his own anger against the NDC and the government.

“Martin Amidu was called by then President (John Atta Mills) because there was an issue concerning his health. In that meeting Martin Amidu tried to be the president of Ghana so he had to be sacked,” Mr. Alfred Woyome alleged.

The self-styled financier of the governing National Democratic Congress has been in and out of court for the past four years.

The state is pursuing him for 51.2 million cedis wrongfully paid to him as settlement debt.

A criminal case of defrauding by false pretences and causing financial loss to the state brought against him failed.

But former A-G, Martin Amidu obtained a favourable judgment in 2014 at the Supreme Court which declared that the payment was unconstitutional.

The Court ordered the businessman to return the money to the state.

Two years after the judgment, the state has not been able to retrieve the money.

There appeared to be a lull in this controversy until a couple of weeks ago when Attorney-General Marietta Brew Appiah-Opong sought to discontinue a process she initiated in relation to retrieving the amount.

She had sought permission from the court to orally examine Woyome because "In circumstances such as these where it has become difficult for the Republic of Ghana as the judgment creditor to execute the judgment of this court as a result of lack of information with which the Republic of Ghana could deploy any of the methods of execution to satisfy the judgment debt, it is appropriate to apply to this Court for an order that 3rd Defendant be orally examined regarding whether any debts are owing to [him] and whether [he] has any property or means of satisfying the judgment of this Court dated 29th July 2014."

On October 31, 2016, however, Mrs Appiah-Opong went back to court seeking to discontinue this process.

Convinced that government is not committed to retrieve the amount because of Mr. Woyome’s ties with the governing party, Mr. Amidu applied to the court to allow him to do the oral examination.

The Supreme Court granted this application to the chagrin of Mr. Woyome who stormed out of the court after the judgment shoving off journalists and warning some of unfair reportage.

He took his case to the media Friday evening levelling a litany of allegations against the man whose individual effort has brought him so much pain and anguish.

He said the so called Citizen Vigilante was a bitter man who couldn’t accept that he is neither the president nor the vice-president.

Martin Amidu was Vice-Presidential candidate of the NDC in 2000 but the party lost the election.

Woyome claims that he was not selected again for the slot in the subsequent elections.

“I’m challenging Martin Amidu to tell Ghanaians what happened between him and the late president [Mills]” he stated.

He also took issues with Martin Amidu’s call on Ghanaians to vote out president John Mahama if they want the 51.2 million cedis returned to the state.

The former A-G, he alleged, is being used by some unseen hands against President Mahama.