Last Tuesday, the Ghanaian German Kwasi Wriedt reported to the first training of Willem II.

With a neat Bayern Munich CV in your pocket and destined as an Eredivisie surprise. Who is this 26-year-old striker whose fame is driving him forward?

Willem II announced in January that Kwasi Wriedt signed a three-season contract in Tilburg.

Just like the more than four years younger left back Derrick Artur Köhn, also a German with Ghanaian roots and a player with whom Wriedt has a good click on and off the field.

It seems a silent double stroke with success guarantee.

The transfer was accepted for notification. After all, it was an older player who had stuck in the second team of Bayern Munich.

A few months later, Wriedt arrived in Brabant with a suitcase full of prizes.

He was crowned champion with Bayern B of the Third Bundesliga, finished with 24 hits as the top scorer of that league, was voted Best Player and was allowed to sit on the bench with the league's A-team in the final phase of the season. and even raids.

Kwasi Wriedt comes to the Eredivisie like a big man, but has everything to prove.