Ghanaian actress/socialite Moesha Buduong has finally broken her long held silence over an allegation of carrying the deadly sexually transmitted disease, HIV/AIDS.

According to the curvaceous Instagram model, the rumour deeply hurt her despite acting unperturbed.

In March this year, Moesha was at the center of controversy after a damaging allegations about some female celebrities sleeping with men for money and how a number of them have contracted HIV from one such man.

The snapchat user stated that Moesha Boduong contracted the deadly disease after having unprotected sex with a Ghana based Nigerian businessman, Aikin Livingstone for GHC 300,000.

Speaking on Accra FM, Moesha who refused to deny or confirm if both were in a relationship sparking that wild rumour, simply said that period was one of her low moments even though she was aware the claims were untrue.

In an earlier interview, Moesha questioned the motive of the person who started the rumour which vehemently denying the rumour.

“I want to put on record that I do not have HIV/AIDS and the said man is not someone I have ever had anything to do with sexually. I know him but it is on a purely professional level. This is a man who has helped a lot of industry players.”

“The man I know is very principled and business oriented so it is quiet unfair for anyone to tarnish his image using a deadly disease such as this, but what can you say? At the end of the day, it is the truth that matters. I don’t have any disease and I have never slept with the man in question.”