The Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency Hon. Francis Xavier Sosu has extoled Medical Doctor Yakubu Tobor Yusuf for his "strategic initiative" of creating jobs for the youth during the COVID pandemic.

It comes after the young Medical doctor, who doubles as the Founder of ZIMBA media, partnered the legislature's Madina Job Centre concept to train about 50 youth in ICT.

The lockdown amid the pandemic,  caused loses in jobs in both the formal and informal sectors.
In order to help support livelihood, Yakubu Tobor Yusuf, through his non-profit making organisation, decided to engage people in his community in skills training.

Using partnerships and his skills as a Tech Savvy Doctor, the Medical Director of Kojach Health Centr, engaged 50 young men and women in the field of Motion Graphics and graphics design.

This is to enable the people get some jobs to fend for themselves and family, a move that falls in line with the MPs aim of alleviating poverty in his constituency.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony held at the Information Communication Technology Centre in Pantang, Hon. Francis Xavier Sosu said the partnership between the Job Centre and Zimba Media grow from strength to strength.

"Thank you for coming onboard with such "strategic initiative" to make the Job Centre a success," he said.

"I hope we will continue to champion the path to help  the youth to have skill training which is key to development and enhancement of their ability to become self independent and professionals.

"You have done an amazing job and I look forward to have a long term partnership with Zimba Media.

The CEO of Zimba Media Dr. Yakubu Yusuf stated that this is the first time a Member of Parliament is offering such training to his constituents. He revealed that ZIMBA media is a branding company which has worked with the Ministry of Health (MOH) developing most of the COVID-19 education communication. Added they offer training in computer literacy in communities, thus in both rural and urban areas.

He congratulated the graduates for availing themselves for the training. He added that, the Madina Job Centre will support their business when they come out with one.