Yoga enthusiast Rhyanna Watson has racked up a staggering number of followers, over 92,000 people, for her stretching stunts… in the buff. She believes that naked exercising helps you feel freer, less self-conscious and more empowered.

The full understanding of which training conditions are the most comfortable for her came quite unexpectedly, as 35-year-old Rhyanna stripped off once to check if her body posture was correct in order to stretch the necessary muscles “and build a mind-muscle connection for a more aware practice”.
Naked yoga, like naturism in general, is becoming increasingly popular among fitness junkies, with some documenting their headway on social media to their friends’ applause, and others attending special classes to feel like they are part of a nude sporting team.

Switzeland-based Watson stated that nude yoga, which encompasses not only physical training but also mental practices, has helped her reach the best shape she has ever had, with her physique now at the age of 35 being more toned than at 20.
The jaw-dropping snapshots that she regularly shares on her @openheartscanunite page definitely prove it: in some, she is captured on camera in her birthday suit; while others sport her donning revealing outfits. 

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#GoingUpWithThanks. Bridge/Wheel Love Love what is it, how does it look, feel and act? It’s about being real with yourself and others, not speaking like a victim or blaming others. It’s about creating healthy barriers for yourself and respecting others barriers. It’s about finding home, not making others or expecting others to make us complete. We can never find love if we expect others to compete with the scars of our past. We all need to learn to grow up, let go and take responsibility for our own healing. Love heals all of this but most of us are too afraid to be ourselves and let love permeate inside our soul. So many of us say love hurts, but that is not true. Many things hurt but love not. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things intertwined and confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world and our lives that covers up all pain and makes someone feel life again. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt. Hosts: 💙 @aerial_delights @openheartscanunite @suchitra_rx @syoghina @yogi.hemaxi.. Sponsors: 💙 @liquidoactive — wearing @liforme — my mat @yogisurprise — wearing.. Pose lineup: 💙 1. Standing Forward Fold (Practice) ✔️ 2. Down Dog or Dolphin Pose (Nature /Environment) 3. Plow Pose or Shoulder Stand (Family / Friends) 4. Bridge Pose or Wheel (Love) 5. Fallen Angel or Crow/Crane Pose any variation (Difficult Experiences) 6. Headstand, Pincha or Handstand — (Yogi's Choice)..

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Things that DO NOT define us or determine our value: Skin Colour Body Shape Race Bank Account Balance Sexual Preferences/Orientation Your age Others opinions Your choice of clothing Your chosen gender or gender Your physical and mental capabilities Your limiting thoughts, others or societies Your family Your challenges, fears and failures The assets you own Your job Living by non traditional choices Previous hurt, suffering or trauma Your relationship status Number of followers on social media None of the above determine our value or worth as a human…. you decide this, by realising your limit set beliefs and society untruths are not apart of your value. The universal truth is we are all imperfect, struggle and make mistakes however we are all human beings full of awesomeness, love and capable of anything. Photo @marcholzhausenfotografie

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I am not a stranger to the dark I spent most of my life hiding my broken parts I have been ashamed of my scars I’ve run away from all that is me Searching to find love because I thought no one would ever love me for who I am meant to be But I realize the love I need and search for only comes from me No longer will I let the world trample on my ashes I’ll rise like the Phoenix and be free like who I am meant be This is me, I make no apologies. When the world beats me down, im gonna dance my storm of love and bravery Because imperfect and free is who im meant to be This is me

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However, the yoga guru argues that stripping is not necessarily sexual, thereby countering some fans’ saucy comments online.
“My yoga poses are simply done as art. Art is meant to make someone feel, not look a certain way or evoke a specific certain feeling,” Watson said, adding that while cutting the best angles in yoga is all creative and artful, photography is a way to express it properly.

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Day 6 #xpressyourflow And so I am working on loving me, all of me. The parts that I am embarrassed of and the parts I still have no idea about…Being blond that is a lot, being a woman that 10 folds it. As married with children Al and his famous quotes said … ‘Don’t try to understand women, women understand women and they do not like each other’….. lol always a classic The chaos, the denied, the storms, the space. I want to prove to myself that every part is worthy and enough. Not just the sections of me that make sense to me or others. I have tired to make sense to world my whole life and I am tired of caring, making a prison I no longer want to be in. It is time to be free a little more me, it is a beautiful act of self love to step away from what is not ours and the drama but also our thoughts that are ours. It starts with acknowledging what is our own and what is not…. there is always time to take a look at the stories we are playing and challenging it by bringing it to the light and making changes. What are the thoughts that make you believe things about yourself that you have internalised from outside that has you bowing to all your life even when no one is listening? What thoughts do you have that are too heavy that you can now leave behind? There is music to find inside not just outside it is time to no longer deny the beat of your own heart and rhythm of your soul. Fluid Hosts: @sarasana_yoga @siansamantha_yoga @yogicbynature @openheartscanunite @clairemarvini • Splashy Sponsors: @vayumudra @expressionsbyvidya @yobaby_hk @insideoutsideoutsidein @koundalini_clothing @openheartscanunite • Pose Line Up: Day 1• Cat Stretch Day 2• Cobra Day 3• Pigeon Day 4• Bridge Day 5• Frog Day 6• Butterfly Day 7• Down Dog Bikini @malibustrings music Joseph KHz VOOV Bites

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Day 2 #lowlunge I’m going with a lowlunge lizard hybrid for me I feel it is the best stretch for kneeling squad stretch they are both important. Your attention is your currency, practice how you spend it, save it, give it… #YogaHelpsYourSplits Hosts🌺: @openheartscanunite @suchitra_rx @aerial_delights @syoghina….. Sponsors🎁: @onzie outfit @liforme @rockinyogilove…. Our daily line up will be: 1) Seated Forward Fold 2) side Lunge 3) low longe or kneeling quad stretch 4) reclined hand to toe or variations  5) compass pose 6) half splits 7) splits

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However, few take the pains to grasp the idea behind the art, being completely drawn and aroused by the beautiful naked body and expressing much more interest in how it helps the stunner in the sack.
Watson has a response in store to salacious questions, arguing that mastering yoga poses doesn’t improve sex life, “unless you are practising it mindfully”.

“It is not about how many positions you can do. It is about your connection to yourself and the other person”, she wrote in reply to one commenter, insisting that if you feel the connection and energy, no special position will make sex better.Source: