The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is set to sensitize Ghanaians on the COVID-19 vaccines which has its first batch arriving in the country later today.

The exercise which will be in conjunction with the Information Services Department, and the Ghana Health Service is aimed at clearing the many misconceptions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines.

Many are those who are sceptical about the safety of the Vaccine, especially on Africans, as a result of the many conspiracy theories in connection with the use of the vaccines.

A section of the public who spoke to made it clear they will fight vehemently against taking the vaccination, stating various reasons for their stance against it.

"I do not plan to take the injection because I learnt you get swollen once you take it."

"I have have a bad feeling about it so I will not take it. Besides, I have  faith that I am not going to get any Corona virus, so I why should I allow them to inject me with some drug. No way! No one can force to take it."

"I will never take any injection. The politicians want to infect us for money. I have heard theirs is different from ours so I will not take it and I have advised all my familly members not to also take it."

Meanwhile, some public officials and celebrities are expected to take their vaccines publicly, in order to help clear the misconceptions about the vaccines and enhance public confidence in the exercise.