Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Peter Boamah Otukunor has stated that the NDC would scrap the Office of the Special Prosecutor when it wins the 2020 elections.

According to him, the office of the Special Prosecutor is a waste of national resources, hence the party’s decision to scrap it.

He made this revelation while speaking on Kumasi-based radio station Nyhira FM

“We shall scrap the SP Office and use the money to support education and other important areas to benefit the state.

Martin Amidu is a good lawyer but his SP Office was dead on arrival. He is now receiving pay without any work done,” he said.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office, he went on, was created to create jobs for party ‘boys,’ adding that the office has become redundant.

According to him, the NPP purposely created the SP's Office to witch-hunt NDC officials that served in the Mahama administration.

“All this while, the NPP thought that our former ministers indulged in corrupt acts so they created the Office to persecute them. But they have failed to prosecute even a single ex-NDC government official because they were clean when they served the state,” he stated.

The NDC member’s comments come on the heels of the recent calls on Mr. Amidu and his team to expedite action on the prosecution of persons who committed financial crimes in the past.