On February 16, Nigeria will go to the polls to either retain Buhari's APC party in power or vote for change by returning former Vice-President Atiku and his PDP back to power.

IMANI's IMANIFESTO brings you infographical comparisons of the major promises on Job Creation, Infrastructure, Education, Technology and Broadband Development, Power, Entrepreneurship and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Anti-Corruption, Agriculture and Health.

The promises of the two leading political parties are clear but not ambitious giving Nigeria's potential. The PDP's promises though are better quantified, private-sector and innovation focused including, of course, their anti-corruption pledge, even though we are not sure about their commitment to fight corruption aggressively given Atiku's baggage. Buhari's APC has a relatively better edge on anti-corruption but generally less ambitious with their other promises.

We urge readers to consult Nigeria's economic data to aid in the interpretation of these promises. Alternatively, you can request IMANI to provide a complete and detailed analysis at a modest fee.

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These 9 infographics will be shared and targeted at Nigerians on social media. Enjoy the infographics.

By Franklin Cudjoe, Founding President & CEO, IMANI Africa.