Former Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffuor, says he will continue to financially assist the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at all levels.

This declaration comes in the wake of the party’s General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia criticizing Dr Duffuor’s approach.

‘If Dr Duffuor intends to make this donation to the party a genuine donation, he should be prepared to pass through the proper channel,” Mr Nketia told pressmen on the sidelines of a meeting with the party’s legal team on Sunday, August 28.

He had argued that donations meant for the party are to be given to the party.

Mr Nketia added that once the party receives the donation, the distribution is left to the party to effect and not the donor. He revealed that he had received a letter indicating that a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) will be managing the donation.

“ …that there is going to be an NGO to manage the Ahot) project, and we strongly object to that thing and we feel that we have been misled into launching, receiving the donation and assuring our people that the party will be handling this.”

Dr Duffuor on Wednesday, August 31, addressed the issue during an interaction with some pressmen.

He explained that after conceiving the project, he informed the party and the party expressed interest in joining. He continued that he suggested that the party nominates some individuals to join a five member team to spearhead the project.

“Our aim was quite simple, how do we strengthen the foundation to have a strong base? We had no other objective but to have a strong structure. Governance is a serious assignment. We had no other objective but to strengthen our party. No amount of insults, attacks will stop me from what I want to do for you,” the former Finance Minister said.

Dr Duffour under the Ahot) project has been donating equipment and other items to strengthen the party at the base. This includes canopies, chairs and sound systems which are to be given to all constituencies. These are to be rented out as a way of raising income for the party.