Some unfortunate cases of vandalism allegedly carried out by supposed members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have been reported all over the country, attracting the type of attention the new government will not find flattering.

These destructive acts are shameful and detrimental to the image and philosophy the NPP and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo espouse.

In Accra, a group said to be members of the NPP's Invincible Forces allegedly invaded the Passport Office, demanding to take over security. The workers of Tamale's Youth Employment Agency and National Disaster Management Organization virtually found themselves barred from entering their offices after they were raided by some youths.

In the Western Region, alleged NPP radicals invaded the National Health Insurance offices, allegedly assaulting staff and destroying property.

Also reported was 30 members of the NPP youth said to have attempted to take over the Rattray Park in Kumasi.

The growing list of these obvious criminal activities being carried out by these party ‘lunatics’ must be taken seriously because the new NPP government is led by a president who is globally recognised as a strong advocate of the rule of law.

Sammi Awuku, NPP National Youth Organizer, has attempted to address the issue by stating that the government will be creating plenty of jobs in order to accommodate the large group of unemployed youth in Ghana.

He was, however, quick to add that the party would not endorse negative actions perpetrated against the state and the citizenry by its members.

"These are condemnable acts," he said. "We want to put on record that Akufo-Addo will create enough space for jobs... Nobody should feel threatened that someone has to vacate before they can be employed."

He further stated, "It is early days in our government, but trust the President to create jobs."

It has taken eight years for one regime to give way for another and people may forget that implementing new systems and measures to better the lot of the country will take some time.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has promised education and jobs to the younger generation. Let’s trust and support his administration in order to make sure that they become the reality. He needs the cooperation and total support of all.

By committing crimes based on frustration, you are slowing down the process of progress, and diminishing your chances of success in life.

It is important for all NPP members, especially the impatient youth, to understand and appreciate better, the character of President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo. He has demonstrated patience, integrity and courage in the face of difficult times and obstacles. He ran for president in 2008 and 2012. Both times, he was unsuccessful.

But he allowed the will of the people and the laws of the land to have their way, reassessed and readjusted his plan, which eventually has seen him achieve his ambition to have the opportunity to serve the people, as the president.

The President believes in the rule of law. He believes in peace, honesty and fairness, and he leads by example. Through struggles and obstacles, President Nana Akufo-Addo exercised patience to bring him to the place he is today.

This is something the youth can look up to when acts of injustice seem like the answer. They should have faith in the government they voted for and practice patience during hard times. Good things take time, and the best is yet to come.