The Young Patriot, a New Patriotic Party youth group in the Northern region says the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) is sitting on a time bomb and ready to explode. 

The group said the continuous stay in office of the Director of pharmacy, the Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy Director of Human resource is creating uneasy tension among patients, staff and residents of the region.

A month ago, the youth at press a conference accused the management of the facility of poor performance which had the tendency of collapsing the hospital.

The group added that basic drugs and other medical consumables needed for the day to day running of the facility were lacking in the facility.

They also accused the Director of pharmacy of buying drugs outside the regional medical stores at higher prices instead of buying them at the medical store.

A statement issued by the group today and signed by the chairman of the Young Patriots, Bashiru A. Baba said they have no personal interest in who runs the affairs of the hospital but want the right things done.

He said posterity will judge the youth of the region if they fail to pile pressure on the authorities to investigate and restore the hospital to its glory days.

Mr. Baba said the group wants to see the region develop in an atmosphere of peace and will therefore not sit down unconcern for few people with personal interest to run down the hospital.

He said a lot of people in the region have concerns about the management of the hospital and the group has the backing of a lot of the residents who want a better managed hospital.

Mr. Baba called on the authorities to intervene and ensure the three step side to allow investigations into the matter.

The group has also threatened that the residents will hit the streets of Tamale on the 3rd of April to protest the continues stay of the management if nothing is done about it.