With the recent surge in online casinos gambling, reviews have become very important. Online casino reviews will help you understand the casino platform better. Also, it will help a gambler know whether or not to register with the casino.

Although the internet is flooded with so many casino reviews, not all are genuine. Some casino reviews are written to promote the casino. In fact, in some cases, the reviews are written by affiliate websites to the online casino. In other words, for any player that registers through the casino review link, the online casino will compensate them.

Let’s show you how to find genuine online casino reviews!

●     Sponsored Reviews

Recently, some online casinos pay casino review websites to write reviews that promote their operations. This approach has made it very difficult to differentiate real reviews from sponsored reviews.

However, the sponsored reviews barely say anything bad about the online casino they are reviewing. As a matter of fact, the review doesn’t see any downside of the online casino. Therefore if you notice such reviews, then know that they are sponsored.

●     Affiliate Reviews

If you have noticed, most of the online casino review sites have links to the casino websites they are reviewing. What’s more, most of these review websites are paid a percentage for any player that registers through the link on their website.

However, not all online review websites that have links to the online casino are affiliated with the gaming site. To find out, read about the online casino review website.

●     Trusted Reviews

Frankly, the best online casino reviews have comments made by real people who have played on the casino website. This way you can discover the actual state of the online casinos.

What to Look out for in an Online Casino Review

Apart from the online casino design and layout, they are important features that you need to look for at online casino reviews. Some casino reviews outline the color, theme, soundtrack, and other features of online casinos.

Nonetheless, these features will not determine whether you will win at the online casinos or not. Certain features will determine if you will win games at an online casino or not. Below are the most important features you should pay attention to at online casino reviews.

●      Wagering Requirement

It is very rare to find an online casino that offers welcome bonuses without a wagering requirement. A high wagering requirement is as good as no welcome bonus. Avoid casinos that offer high wagering requirements. To cash out your bonus winnings, you must meet the entire wagering requirement. Therefore if they are high, you may never cash out.

Consequently, to fulfill an online casino wagering requirement faster, deposit more than the minimum required amount.

●      Security

Avoid any online casino that offers very poor security measures. For instance, if the online casino review doesn't state that the online casino doesn't have a firewall or use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, then avoid that gaming platform. Apart from other security measures, these two are the most popular among online casino operators.

Also, the banking methods offered ought to be secure too. Ensure that the online casino offers popular payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

●      Customer Support

If you have a payment issue on an online casino, then you would know the importance of reliable customer support. Look out for online casinos that operate 24/7 customer support. More so, a lot of online casino customer support also functions during the weekends and public holidays.

Meanwhile, a live chat remains the fastest way to reach out to the online casino. Interestingly, some also offer free toll phone numbers.

  • Software Providers

Don’t ignore this part of the online casino review. The software providers that power the games on the casino are as important as other features mentioned in a casino review. The software developers design, create and develop the games played at online casinos.

The best casino software developers use Random Number Generators (RNG) to ensure fairness. Similarly, the RNG technology makes sure that the online casino doesn’t manipulate the results. Therefore, this makes it possible for gamblers to win at the casino.

●      Withdrawal Time

A good online casino review ought to state the withdrawal time of online casinos. Find out if the withdrawal time is unreasonably long. For instance, most online casino's withdrawal time is not more than 48 hours. In cases, it takes at least 24 hours or less to receive your winnings.

Furthermore, the payment option you select may also affect the withdrawal time frame. For example, if you use a bank wire transfer to withdraw your winnings, it may take at least 3 to 5 days. Meanwhile, e-wallets, credit, or debit cards are faster.

●      Bonuses

Don't allow huge bonuses to lure you into registering with online casinos. As stated earlier, if their wagering requirement s is high, avoid registering with the casino website.

A no deposit offer is the best online casino bonus. With this offer, gamblers don’t have to deposit a dime to play and cash out funds. Find out if the online casino review mentioned this too.


If you take note of these features, you will not fall into scam sites. Gambler responsibly!