Tony Lithur, lawyer for the former President, John Mahama,  has shocking revealed in his divorce documents against Nana Oye Lithur, former Gender Minister, that she cannot wash clothes as a woman, wife and mother.

Tony Lithur says Oye Lithur also exhibited traits of stinginess as she would never spend her money on anything in the house, even at the market.

“It took her weeks to wash petitioners [Tony Lithur’s] clothes, but [he] noticed that she didn’t wash well.”

“Eventually, [Tony Lithur] paid a laundryman to wash [their] clothes at the weekend,” The divorce petition read.

“For year, [Tony Lithur] has also taken over the cost of market shopping and either the cooks or [their] daughter submit the list directly to [him].

“Even at shopping intervals when there are shortages, [Oye Lithur] refuses to give out money to make purchases; always directing the children and household staff for anything related to money,” the petition disclosed among other things.

Among other accusations, Tony Lithur has said Nana Oye is abusive, while indicating that he is spending so much on laundrymen.

It is based on these and other reasons that he wants their marriage dissolved.

The Lithurs have been married for twenty-seven years and have four children.

Tony Lithur has since pleaded with Ghanaians to give him and his family some privacy regarding their divorce case.

He indicated, the process is an emotional and difficult one for his family, therefore, the public should allow them deal quietly with the case.

Portions of a divorce petition filed by the lawyer for Tony Lithur on May 2, 2018 at the Divorce and Matrimonial Division of the High Court demanding a divorce from his wife Nana Oye Lithur leaked on social media Tuesday.