Workers of the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital have begun a sit-down strike today [Monday, July 10, 2017] over what they call the government’s failure to take action against private developers encroaching on the hospital’s land.

Elvis Akuamoah, a senior staff of the hospital said that attempts by management to have their issues addressed have proved futile.

He added that the situation is putting the lives of patients and workers at risk.

“All we see is rapid degradation of the land at the frontage of the hospital and development of permanent structures for residence and business purposes at the cost of security for both staff and patients of this institution,” he earlier indicated in an address to the media.

He said that workers will halt operations on Wednesday, July 12 and hit the streets if the government does not meet their demands.

The workers and some residents in the area had earlier in March appealed to the government to halt the encroachment of the lands.

source: pulse