The Christian Council of Ghana has decried what it says is the failure by political parties to include the needs of religious organisations and mission-based institutions in their 2016 manifestos.

The General Secretary of the Council, Rev Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong said they would have appreciated if the parties responded to the needs of the faith based hospitals.

With 21 days to the general elections, political parties continue their vigorous campaigns across the country to garner more votes.

As part of their preparations, the political parties launched their manifestos some few weeks back and the Christian council is worried the manifestos are silent about the needs of the churches.

"Close to elections nobody is talking about Christian hospitals in Ghana but they have problems, real problems...we take loans sometimes to run the hospitals," Rev Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong said on AM Show on Joy News.

He said the churches needed a recognition in the form of policy statements in the manifestos of the political parties.

He, however, added that after the manifestos were launched, they formally wrote to the political parties to include them in their "future plans" for the country.

Election-related violence
The General Secretary said the council is alarmed at the spate of election-related violence that have sprung up in recent times.

"Leaders must uphold their integrity, they should not become excellencies and honourables on the back of people's blood must be shed. The leaders should think about the future of the youth they arm and use for their dirty work in these times," Rev Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong charged.

He urged political party leaders to base their campaigns on ideas and not on hate speech and divisive language. Rev Opuni Frimpong said the Council is doing its best to promote peace as the elections draw closer.

"We cannot go beyond preaching peace and counseling people. It is up to the law enforcers to also enforce the law when these incidents happen," he added.

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