The founder and head pastor of the Glorious Word Ministry International Rev Owusu Bempah has described President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a committed Christian who will not in indulge in rituals.

He observes that the president is committed to his Christian faith and has always dedicated himself to it almost all the time wondering why people are trying to cast a slur on his image by linking him to occultism and voodoo.

Reverend Owusu Bempah says he is very upset political opponents are trying to link the president to pockets of unfortunate incidents that have bedeviled the country claiming it could be as a result of rituals performed by the current president prior to the 2016 elections.

But he has shot down such claims maintaining that President Nana Addo’s love for Ghana is unquestionable and will never engage in such acts.

“Don’t blame Akufo-Addo. He doesn’t associate himself with these ‘gods thingy’. He’s a president for all but a true Christian.

He’s like a god; he is not discriminating against our race or tribes.

We should never say Nana Addo has a bad spirit taking blood from the citizens.

He didn’t go to priests to aid him win elections. He was with true great pastors, who helped him win the 2016 elections…,’

“To the political parties, we don’t consult voodoo or dark magic for powers.

It is the Lord who gives power. If the lord doesn’t rule over the land there is no magic that can. I know a political party that loves occultism.

And if they had won, a lot would die and if they lost likewise would happen…”

“I plead with politicians who go into agreement with evil cults to win favor and positions to desist of such gestures.

Especially those who vow to sacrifice if they win or not and don’t care about the consequences which will eventually befall in our country…”