Former President Jerry John Rawlings has descended heavily on some politicalians in Ghana condemning them for practicing ‘politics of the belly’.

Speaking at the 36th Anniversary of 31st December revolution in Ho, Rawlings questioned the integrity of Ghanaian politicians and bemoaned politics is now a tool used in acquiring wealth at a fraudulently rapid pace and has nothing to do with service to country.

“Politics to some is no longer about the right of every individual”, he observed.

“National decision-making through the District Assemblies and other grassroots political structures that were created to enhance equity and create a national wealth of ideas and sense of belonging” he explained

“Today our politics is one of patronage and dependence on cash cows”

According to the anti-corruption crusader, some people have used the leadership opportunities offered them to acquire ill-gotten wealth, which they now use to manipulate the citizenry.

“For those who have today turned the clock of progress around and allowed kalabule to confidently walk back into the soul of the country, history has to be re-told”.

“Their arrogance and indifference has almost brought the country to its knees”, former President Jerry John Rawlings stated.

by Daraja Mutari/