The renaming of various tertiary institutions by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has been met with mixed reactions with some stakeholders questioning the roles these persons the schools have been named after played in education.

First to raise alarm bells has been the minority in parliament with the minority spokesperson on Education Peter Nortsu describing the move as unnecessary by the government.

Some student leaders of these schools have questioned the renaming of the schools after these party stalwarts of the ruling NPP.

Hamza Umar local National Union of Ghana Students  (NUGS) president of the UDS Wa campus has queried the role played by S.D Dombo to have him named after their institution.

" looking at history Dombo has not made that much contribution to education in the upper west region in my young life.I have not seen any contribution of Dombo towards education in this region" he said.

Meanwhile the government has also renamed the UDS Navrongo campus as the C.K Tedam University after another NPP stalwart.

This move has incurred the wrath of the Student Representative Council (SRC) president of the UDS Navrongo campus Raymond Kobla Korsivi insists that the renaming is needless.

"We were shocked when we learnt that our school is been named after C.K Tedem,the renaming is not important even the C.K Tedem they are naming the school after what has been his contribution towards the development of the school" he quipped.