A founder member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Peter Osei Asiedu, has called for total re-organisation of the party from the branches up to the national level.

Mr Asiedu, a Tema-based businessman, said the party did not need a leadership contest and called on respected elders of the party, such as the founder, to call to order all those who were wasting time to get the National Executive Committee to endorse a candidate for 2020.

In a press statement titled: ‘The future of the NDC’, Mr Asiedu opined that those moves would break the party beyond repairs.

It called on the Council of Elders to set up a national re-organisation committee for the party, which should focus on reshaping its platform to emphasise the needs of working people and the marginalised and on rebuilding structures from the ground.

It said the NDC was founded to protect the real social gains of the 31st December Revolution and pursue even greater social gains possible in a peaceful, participatory and democratic political system.

According to the statement, the party promised Ghanaians that it would stay engaged with and be accountable to them through its active branch network and popular organisations and not just hold rallies “for our big men and women to speak to us every four years when they need our votes”.

“Today, we have leaders who do not share or even understand our founding vision. We have a government that is more committed to foreign investors and Western donors than Ghanaian working people.

“Our government appears arrogant, bloated, corrupt, dishonest and incompetent. Our leaders have rejected organisational and democratic accountability. They have killed the party branches and not maintained relationship with mass organisations.

“They think it is enough to run around the country every four years in their motorcades telling stories about their supposed achievements. We lost the December 7 election because our own supporters were so disappointed with their leaders that they could not bring themselves to vote for them.

“If there is no real and visible change in direction, the NDC will continue to lose election after election until it dies,” it concluded.

It would be recalled that the Crusade for Probity and Accountability (CPA), a think tank within the NDC, has called on the national executive of the party to step aside in order to make way for a neutral body to investigate the causes of the abysmal performance of the party at the just-ended polls.

The group observed that the rank and file of the party had lost trust in the executive for presiding over an election which the party lost by an unprecedented margin in the country’s history.

At its inaugural press conference held in Accra last Wednesday, the Convener of the CPA, Dr Kwesi Djokoto, called for steps to be taken to restructure the party at all levels, in line with the principles of probity, accountability and social justice that served as its foundation stone.

Source: Daily Graphic