There is no doubt this year’s election is a landmark election in our democratic history. The airwaves are tense and vulgar languages continue to dominate campaign platforms. Celebrity endorsement keep flying across the major political divide. From comedians to boxers, they are all involve. But it is in the light of all these, that make one question the real motive behind the seeking of political power in Ghana. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s motive was clear in his landmark statement. “Seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added unto you”. The motive behind this statement as opined by Ama Biney in her book “The Political and Social Thought of Kwame Nkrumah” was a promise of an economic paradise and riches for newly independent Ghana.

And posterity did prove Nkrumah right. Because over the years no government has even come close to Nkrumah in achievements. No wonder all great monuments in Ghana are name after him. Fortunately, the politicians of this year’s elections are also campaigning on the same ticket of economic paradise and riches for the ordinary Ghanaian. This is very visible in their manifestoes. But listening to some of the utterances, debates and conspiracies that have made headlines, one is only left to think this of them, that they seek power only to “SERVE THEMSELVES NOT US”. By this I mean those who seek power seek it to further their own celebrity, better their lots and that of their families and friends and improve their CV’s. So not to make the mistake of mixing good nuts with bad nuts let me rephrase. Most politicians or power seekers seek power first for their own benefits and only secondarily for the masses they claim to serve. In this article I employ the example of the infamous Victoria Hammah’s one-million-dollar political dream to represent the Ghanaian political spectrum. Because Ms Vicky’s dream may be a drop in the ocean of such political dreams. I employed this example only because I never heard Vicky herself deny it.

Although she is now in total political oblivion, her dream or political ambition was a spectacular one, the one issue that got her international headlines. The one-million-dollar political ambition of Victory Hammah. Her political career got international publicity much quicker than she had prayed for. The case of our sister Vicky is one clear issue that suggest most of our politicians seek power for their good. To say Vicky dream or ambition is as a result of her greed can be totally wrong. Vicky’s dream of making one million dollars before quitting politics is a true reflection of many who seek power in Ghana. They come into power for themselves because here in Ghana power is conceive a “sure means to all ends”. Victoria Hammah’s case is only a reflection of the political motives of most politicians in Ghana. This is because Vicky’s political ambition or dream was not born out of vacuum. I believe her one million dollar’ ambition was only constructed in line with the larger landscape of such political ambitions.

By this I opine that, because she is NURTURED by people with such ambitions she has no choice but to also developed or construct her ambition along such lines. Imagine if she was part of a political discourse which seek power to truly serve the people then her ambition would have been simply to serve the people. Then her statement would have sounded something like this “I will not quit politics until I see food on every child’s table or I will not quit politics until I see every girl child in school”. But because she is in a political discourse that seek their own good she also has to focus on her own good. And that was to make one million dollars in politics. Because of such political ambitions of making millions, there are therefore no righteous ways in the pursuit of political power in Ghana. All valuable political opportunities are welcomed. Anything can be said on air and campaign platforms so far as it will get party faithful’s cheering. One can choose to insult, degrade, accuse and even curse. This is because they seek power for themselves not the masses. Otherwise how would degrade our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and still be at ease.

And so as the 2016 elections is underway with special voting irregularities, let us be careful of the devices of the politicians especially the youth. Before you steal a ballot box, double vote or fight remember that “ALL DIE NO BE DIE”. Some deaths are classified suicidal, others are man slaughter, murder and many more. Also let us remember and question why Madam Dzifa Ativor is talking about prison if the NDC is not voted. Why should they who have served diligently be afraid. Unless information available to them which the public is unware suggest so. In a summary let us again remember that, politicians enter politics to make millions of dollars and so to them all “die be die”. They have their ambitions and that ambition must come to fruition no matter who have to die or live. But we (the masses) are stronger than them. Thus let all Ghanaians remember and observe that, we also own it our ambition first, to see Ghana live far beyond this election in peace not in pieces. So when you double vote, steal ballot boxes or fight, you are only helping politicians amass more wealth for themselves and only a penny for you. So Love yourself and love Ghana.

By: Paa Kwesi Bonsu.