Sex Myth #1: Guys have much higher sex drives“

Women are sexual beings,” says Meika Hollender, author of Get on Top and cofounder of sexual-wellness brand Sustain.

Scientific theories suggest that desire arises similarly in both sexes. And women are more likely to score multiple Os in a single session.

Sex Myth #2: Lube is for old ladies

False. Lubricant can take sex from okay to O-mazing by reducing friction.

Women of any age love that it makes sex “smoother” and ups pleasure, per a survey by personal-care brand Lola.

And 80 percent of millennial women have already lubed up, according to Skyn Condoms.

Sex Myth #3: His shoe size hints at his penis size

Ah, if only sizing up a guy were this easy! But no definitive proof exists for this long-believed correlation, says Erika Schwartz, MD, author of The Intimacy Solution.

In fact, a study of 104 men in the UK found zero association between a man’s foot size and his penis length.

Sex Myth #4: Double-bag it to stay really safe

If a dude wears two condoms at once, they could rub against each other, causing tears.

This is counter productive and actually increases your risk of getting STIs or becoming pregnant.

Sex Myth #5: Female“squirting” is fake news

Actually, up to 54 percent of women experience either female ejaculation (a small amount of whitish secretions) or squirting (a larger release of mostly urine) when they climax, according to a 2013 study.

Sex Myth #6: Anal sex is risk-free fun

Okay, you won’t get pregnant, but “you absolutely can get an STI from anal sex,”warns ob-gyn Leah Millheiser, MD.

Most commonly, she sees HPV transmitted via back-door action, but you can also get HIV, herpes, and other STIs.

Any which way you tap it, wrap it.

Sex Myth #7: Sex toys are for kinky couples

Au contraire. Variety and creativity are the spice of life between the sheets for any twosome.

“Sex toys are the perfect way to change up your routine,” says ob-gyn Sherry Ross, MD, author of She-ology.

Vibrators can buzz the clitoris and G-spot in ways that make peaking much easier. Try using a bullet vibe on your C-spot during inter-course for extra-titillating sensations.

...And one more rumour that is true:

You can be allergic to his semen. It’s rare but possible to have a reaction to proteins found in his ejaculate, says science.

You may have redness, swelling, itching, pain, or burning in any area his semen came in contact with, typically in a few minutes to an hour. If that happens, see your gyno.

By: Taylor Andrews