The St Padre Pio Catholic Church, at the Tomefa-Peace Town in the Ga South Municipal Assembly, has celebrated its maiden Holy Mass with a call on Christians to have faith in God.

The Reverend Father Thomas Betuyre, the Parish Priest of St. Peter's Catholic Church, Torkuse-Amanfro, who made the call, said it took the faith of four people - a man, his sister, his wife, their son, and - to realise the opening of a new Catholic Church in Tomefa.

He said the family, for three years, had been faithful in coming to church.

"Unless the weather changes so much, and even that they sometimes risk their lives by using the canoe through the Weija River to the toll booth to church at Amanfro," he said.

'Even when the weather changes, they risk their lives to come to church and that is what is called real faith because it was through them that we are sowing seed here today for the Catholic Church to grow in this community.'

Rev. Fr. Thomas said the risk the members took in crossing the River necessitated the decision to open a Catholic Church (Out Station) in Tomefa.

On the name of the Church, Rev. Fr. Thomas said St. Padre Pio was an Italian Catholic Priest with stigmata (wounds of Jesus Christ) in his hand for 60 years, explaining that, though it was painful, he wore gloves to celebrate the Holy Mass.

St. Padre Pio was also known for his piety and charity.

He said though St. Padre Pio had the stigmata in his hand, he was humble and pious and he did not lord it over other religious bodies who did not have the stigmata.

'I have faith that as this family has taken the lead, others within the community will join the congregation at St Padre Pio to grow this Church from strength to strength because when God starts something, he will not stop until He completes it.

'God himself will water the ground for the seed that we are sowing today and it will grow physically and spiritually to cover the entire community and beyond.

St Peter's Catholic Church at Amanfro-Torkuse donated a shed, 50 pieces of plastic Chairs, GH¢1,063.40, being the offertory for the day, while Fr. Thomas also donated seed money of GH¢1000.00 to assist the young congregation. GNA