The civil society space in Ghana has witnessed an historic event when Star Ghana Foundation was outdoored with the sole aim of whipping up citizens to be active in the governance of the country. The Star Ghana Foundation builds on the successful STAR-Ghana programme, a multi-donor civil society initiative established in 2011.

The launch of the Foundation took place at the Alisa Hotel and was immediately followed by a public lecture on the theme: “Active Citizenship in a Changing Ghana: context, challenges and opportunities.”

Professor Akilagpa Sawyer, Former Chairman of the STAR-Ghana Programme Steering Committee, who performed the official launch, said, “the Foundation is a strategic national entity which will continue the good work of the old STAR-Ghana Programme by promoting, coordinating and supporting the work of other civil society organizations. The Star Ghana Foundation must work to sustain itself after assured donor funding is cut off in two years’ time.”

He continued that in order for the new Star Ghana Foundation to be impactful, it must meet the real needs of Ghanaians and not simply cleverly thought of ideas from somewhere or somebody. “it is crucial for this new Foundation to educate, unite, strengthen and motivate people in order for it to benefit the ordinary Ghanaian, Professor Sawyerr, stated.

He added that he has very high confidence that the new Foundation will maintain the 100% record of fund integrity that the old STAR-Ghana Programme had.

Ibrahim Tanko Amidu, CEO of the Star Ghana Foundation, stated, “this new Foundation is a milestone in the journey of civil society in Ghana. We have worked with both big and small CSOs and the coming into being of the Star Ghana Foundation is a way of continuing to support citizens to be active in the development process.”

This Foundation constitutes a major development in the landscape for active citizenship, civil society and philanthropy in Ghana and Africa as a whole, Mr. Tanko added.

The new Star Ghana Foundation received support from its major strategic partners and donors like Christian Aid, UKaid, DFID, etc