A Ghanaian man has got social media talking after narrating the hardship he goes through while working in the United Kingdom.

According to the man known as Papa Rudy, he is surprised that many Ghanaians are praying for visa so they could come over to the U.K.

In a video, Papa Rudy expressed his disappointment at Ghanaians doing all it takes to travel abroad.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is pathetic that my brothers and sisters in Ghana are praying hard to travel here,” he said.

“Look at me, someone that I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and well respected by my family, I am here carrying two babies to school,” he added.

He went on to explain how he has been going through a lot of hardship in abroad so he could get money to fend for himself.

Papa Rudy claimed that most people living in Ghana are free and enjoying comfortable moments than many of them living abroad.

“You people want to come? Come. If you come, many of you will go to the extent of washing lady’s underwear for a living,” he claimed.

He opted to pray for Ghanaians who are doing all it takes to get their visa and travel abroad as a way of trolling them.

Deducing from Papa Rudy’s comments, he is in a way advising Ghanaians who are living comfortable here to stay over.

The video has however received a lot of attention and comments as many Ghanaians regard the video as hilarious.

Some were also of the view that Papa Rudy should rather come back to Ghana than staying in the U.K and complain.

Others claimed that no matter how tough life is out there abroad, Papa Rudy should continue to pray so they get the visa.