Supabets Review – Guidelines, registration, and documentation | Everything you need to know before going on Supabets to stake games and win!

Supabets is one of the big names in the South African bookmaking scene. With its vast range of offers and many other interesting features, this bookie has many players rushing to join the platform. Interested in benefiting from these features? Discover how to use Supabets and enjoy promising prospects for your game in the following sections.

How to register with Supabets?

With a simple registration process, creating an account with Supabets takes less than 3 minutes. To register, you have to go to their website and provide your basic information such as:


  • Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

  • ID Number

  • Home Address

  • Source of income and other details.

After inserting all this information, you will need to click a ‘confirmation’ icon that will complete your registration process.

How to get R50 bonus on Supabets

To get the R50 welcome bonus on Supabets is an easy process that takes place after registration. Ensure to check out the terms and conditions for bonuses. Here are the steps to follow to get the R50 bonus in your betting account:

  1. After registration, a one-time pin (OTP) will be sent to your phone number.

  2. Minimize the website and copy the OTP.

  3. Go back to the website and paste the OTP where it is required.

  4. You should be credited with your R50 bonus in your betting account the next day.

How do I deposit on Supabets

Making deposits on this platform is made easy with the range of available options. You also get 200% bonus worth up to R1000 on your first deposit. To make deposits with Supabets, here are some options to select from:

  • SiD

  • Ozow

  • PayU

  • Blu Voucher

How do I play Supabets?

You need not be an expert to use this site, you can learn on the go! To learn how to play Supabets quickly, here is a quick guide;

  1. Sign into your account.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the site and its features.

  3. Click your preferred sport.

  4. Locate your preferred team or tournament.

  5. Go to your preferred game.

  6. Choose an event by selecting the results you reckon will happen.

  7. Insert your bet and confirm.

FICA documentation on Supabets

To register your FICA documents is pretty straight-forward, All you need to do is;

  • Send your documents via email to or using your username, deliver the documents via Whatsapp to 071 550 4018.

  • You can also use the FICA site by signing in, uploading the documents and submitting.

If you experience issues while using this bookmaker, you can reach their reliable customer support through live chat which is available on their site, phone calls on: +27 11 215 7000 and email via

Supabets provides an enabling environment for new and existing customers. Players get broad transaction options, an assorted sportsbook, welcome bonuses and other interesting features.