The Tema Community One Police have arrested and placed into custody three persons who tried to rob a lady of her cash.

According to Accra News’ Danso Abiam, the three – Afia Serwaa, 36, Aziz,30, and Prince Oware, 32 – on Friday February 24 trailed one Paulina Mensah with a taxi to an Omnibank branch at Tema.

Paulina, leaving the banking hall after withdrawing an undisclosed amount, flagged down the taxi which had Aziz at the wheel with Oware occupying the front passenger seat; Paulina sat beside Afia in the back seat.

Paulina, who had indicated to Aziz she would alight at the Tema Community One Police Station, became suspicious when he branched unto an unusual route during the drive, but Aziz explained that he only wanted to dodge some police officers ahead.

And as the taxi pulled up at a stop behind the police station for her to get down, Paulina realised she could not get out of the taxi as the door was locked. As she laboured to open it, Afia took advantage of the situation and pulled the envelope containing the money Paulina had cashed from her bag. But when Afia made an effort to replace the envelope with another in her possession which only contained papers, the banknotes fell onto the floor of the taxi, attracting the attention of Paulina who raised an alarm for help. A taxi driver nearby alerted the Tema Community One police who arrived to arrest the three persons.