A Barcelona-based hotel named Lumi Dolls which bills itself as the first in Europe to offer clients the chance to have sex with a doll has opened its doors.

As part of a special opening offer, clients pay £70 for an hour of sex which will go up to £100 after the opening promotion.

Customers can choose from four dolls with female features and the club promises each one is washed and disinfected with anti-bacterial soap before it is re-used but customers are advised to 'still use a condom'.

Each of the dolls, which cost £4,300 and weighs 40 kilograms, are made from silicone. Describing itself as 'the first sex dolls agency',

Lumi Dolls website says:

 'They are totally realistic dolls, both in the movement of their joints and in the touch, that will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limit. These Sex Dolls will make the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic.' The venture has been such a hit that sessions are already booked up days in advance. Similar dolls have met with huge success in Japan and Malaysia.

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