The top reason for relocating is for a new job, with millennials the generation most likely to move for this reason. In fact, a study by Hire a Helper revealed that 41 percent cited it as their motivation for a move.

Some move to get a fresh start, to be closer to family, or to pursue an education, although an increasing number are also looking at places where the cost of living is lower. While young professionals have often chosen cities like Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago for career opportunities, those patterns are shifting. Whatever the reason, these are the top cities attracting millennials.

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City has seen some of the biggest net migrations of millennials. In 2019, nearly 11,000 moved here from a different state, and today the generation makes up almost a third of Denver's population. Besides the booming economy with lots of job opportunities, it's jam-packed with cultural attractions, offers professional sports teams for catching an NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA game, boasts many parks, and all sorts of ways to get active. Of course, the close proximity to the Rocky Mountains doesn't hurt either.

Portland, Oregon

The millennial population has been growing quickly in recent years, making up nearly 30 percent of Portland's total population. It's much less expensive than the Bay Area, and many tech startups are now based in Oregon rather than California, offering more of the same jobs with comparable salaries.

Portland is also one of the greenest cities in the country-  one of the first major to ban single-use plastic bags, appealing to environmentally-conscious millennials. It's an outdoor lover's paradise with over 180 miles of hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for water sports on the Columbia River, among many other rivers and lakes, while the Pacific Ocean is less than 80 miles away. If you'd like to join the many who have moved to this city, take a look at the Portland houses for sale sooner rather than later, before prices start to skyrocket like they have further south.

Seattle, Washington

Millennials make up more than a third of Seattle's population, many of whom have arrived from other states over the past decade. In fact, they're the primary reason the Emerald City grew faster than any other between 2010 and 2020. It ranks high for its access to nature and salary potential, led by the tech sector with the headquarters of major companies like Microsoft and Amazon, as well as fast-growing startups.

Seattle leans progressive and is known for its diversity and inclusion, factors important to many millennials, with plenty of communities accepting and welcoming to all.

Austin, Texas

The aerial drove view of Austin Downtown, Texas, USA, from Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Park across Colorado River.

Texas has been on or at the top of states millennials are moving to, and Austin is their favorite city. While the cost of housing has been rising, it's been named among the best for future job growth, while a number of major employers are here now, including the headquarters of Whole Foods. the high concentration of tech giants like Google, Apple, and Dell, have earned the Texas capital the nickname "Silicon Hills."

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix has long been known as a city that draws lots of retirees, but the affordable cost of living, vast job opportunities, and quickly growing infrastructure have made it a popular place to live for millennials. The metro area has become a thriving hub for living, working, and entertainment.