US President Donald Trump who has previously taken credit for the longest government shutdown in US history is now blaming Democrats for another shutdown coming.

Trump made the comments while meeting with a group of sheriffs at the White House Monday

Asked if there would be a second shutdown over the border wall standoff, Trump responded: “That’s up to the Democrats.”

“These are people who kidnap people… the Democrats want them to come into our society. I don’t think so,” Trump said. “We need a wall… and all of the other things are nice to have, but without a wall it’s not going to work. We can have technology. We can have beautiful drones flying all over the place. But it doesn’t work without the wall.”

‘US wall same as wall around Obama home’

‘US wall same as wall around Obama home’

US President Donald Trump likens the wall around the home of former President Barack Obama to the one he intends to build on the country’s border with Mexico.

PressTV-California to pull troops from border in defiance of Trump

PressTV-California to pull troops from border in defiance of Trump

The Governor of the US state of California, Gavin Newsom, plans to withdraw all 360 state troops from the US-Mexico border.

US lawmakers have until Friday to reach an agreement or else there will be a second government shutdown.

Funding for the wall has led to a budget impasse and an ongoing dispute over border security.­­­­

Trump finally agreed on January 25 to end the shutdown without getting the $5.7 billion he had demanded for the wall, and instead, a three-week spending deal was reached to temporarily end the impasse.

The Republican president has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration but has failed to get his agenda through so far.Source: