A review of Brits’ favourite crisps on a morning TV-show went awry when one of the hosts caught his female colleague off-guard and made her scream in shock with a move far from appropriate for on-air chitchat.

Good Morning Britain host, Richard Arnold, added a true gem to the collection of bizarre on-air moments when he decided to illustrate a regular crisp review with a spoof of a Doritos advert. As he and his colleagues were discussing Brits’ favourite crunchy snacks, he grabbed Susanna Reid’s finger, shoved it into his mouth and pulled his head backwards with laughter. 
Reid, caught completely off-guard, screamed "What was that?" while the show’s other co-hosts remained aghast. One of them, Piers Morgan, asked Arnold what he had just done to his colleague, also noting “If I did that, I'd be arrested”. READ MORE: WATCH Norwegian TV Host Vomit on Guest During Live Show "Even Piers Morgan wouldn't put his finger in my mouth”, Reid joked, recovering from the prank.

However, some netizens were not ready to let this go so easily.I got it Richard, perhaps we watch too many adverts

Source: sputniknews.com