Senior Prophet of the Universal Christ Church, Gabriel Twumasi, has charged the government to design the seat of the President with gold for the nation’s development.

According to him, spirits travel through rare metals and “if we design the seat of the President with gold, he will be able to communicate with spirits when he sits on the seat and that is how they can lead Ghana to achieve maximum development and know what the country really needs.”

Explaining the use of rare metals by spirits to communicate to humans, he revealed, “that’s why our forefathers had these totems made of gold and other rare metals. Whenever they went before these totems they fell into a trance and communicated with them.”

Asked by Happy98.9FM’s Rev Nyansa Boakwa on the NsemPii show if spirits can exist in space and matter, he answered in the affirmative. “It is a lie to say spirits cannot reside in objects. Spirits are no respecter of space or matter. Over hundreds of spirits can reside in a tiny bracelet just because it is a metal or made from rare metal.”