Victor Smith, the National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary candidate for Abuakwa North in the 2016 polls, squandered monies meant for campaign activities in the constituency ahead of the 2016 elections, Alhaji Dan Baba, a leading member of the NDC in the constituency, has said.

According to him, Mr Smith diverted cash meant for the NDC’s campaign into his building project, a situation that starved the party in the constituency, resulting in the inability of members to engage in effective campaign to ensure victory for the NDC.

Speaking in an interview with Accra News’ Nana Agyen Barima on Wednesday March 22, Alhaji Baba said: “Victor Smith never worked to ensure victory for the NDC.

“I am telling you on authority that the about 1000 pieces of clothes that came for us to share, he and the people around him shared 70 pieces among themselves. Again the cutlasses, sewing machines, hair dryers, and Wellington boots that were sent to the constituency were never accounted for.

“I believe that if you need a victory in the election, your wife wouldn’t speak against the electorate, especially members of the party, but in this case whenever party members visited Victor at home, his wife would tell them to go and find some work to do to feed themselves. How can you say this to the people your husband wants them to vote for him?

“At this point we want the entire world to know that Victor Smith failed to work in the constituency to ensure victory for the NDC. Before becoming the parliamentary candidate we knew the house that he had started putting up several years ago. Within a few months of becoming the candidate, he completed the house.”

Asked if he was suggesting Victor Smith used party cash to complete his building, Alhaji Baba responded: “Yes, because we all know he could not complete the house but was able to do so immediately after becoming the parliamentary candidate. We are calling on him to come out and account to us.”