The brouhaha surrounding the Skopatumana rapper, Patapaa Amisty and his former girlfriend, Gabriella Kotey aka Queen Peezy has been rekindled again in this very interview.

The Sweduro-based rapper, Patapaa born Justice Amoah in one of his earlier interviews cleared the air that Gabriella was never his girlfriend.

Gabriella, on the other, has broken her silence during an interview. According to her, Patapaa wanted to escape being lambasted by Ghanaians that’s why he came out to lie that he never dated her.

She also revealed that Patapaa opened her fire countless times and if he claims he has never hammered her before, he should come out and remove his Langa-Langa from his trousers and curse himself in addition.

Watch Queen Peezy in this video below;