Popular pastor and marriage counselor, Rev. Cyril George Lutterodt, who is noted for his controversial stance on relationship matters, is at it again. This time the counselor takes a swipe at virgins in a sensational video above.

In a 4 minute rant on the show “R&L” hosted by Rachel Maame Ama Engmann, Counselor George Lutterodt, asserted that virginity is indeed one of the reasons why marriages are destroyed for women. He blamed virgin women and their behavior as major contributing factor. According to the counselor women who go into marriages as virgins always want to be treated as virgins hence the cause of their sufferings in marriage.

He continued: “Don’t think because you are a virgin, you should get the best man to marry. It is based on this expectation that many who got married as virgins are suffering in marriage. All they brought into the marriage was virginity and nothing else”, He added.

He then went on to differentiate between the types of virgins. He revealed that there is what he called remedial virgins, masturbating virgins and abstinence virgins. He finally advised women to add value to themselves to keep their marriage, rather than solely focusing on abstaining from sex before marriage.

Credit: Daraja Mutari