Vivo Energy Ghana has launched three Shell advanced fuels designed to clean, reduce friction and improve the efficiency of all types of engines.

The new products, Shell V-Power, Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell Fuel Diesel will be sold at the same price as the current fuels in all its 230 service stations across the country.

The products cleaning agents to help maintain the cleanliness of key fuel system components and protect them from performance robbing deposits.

Shell new products

The Managing Director of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mr. Ben Hassan Ouattara, speaking at the launch in Accra on Thursday explained that the new advanced fuels can be used in old and new engines which start working immediately when the engine is turned on.

Dr Joyce Aryee (left), Founder of Salt and Light Ministries and Mr Ben Hassan Ouattara (right), Managing Director, Vivo Energy Ghana, launching Shell’s new products

He said the company has over the past 90 years improved its products to meet the changing needs of customers, citing giant leaps made by the company such as becoming the first Oil Marketing Company to introduce Shell V-Power, a differentiated fuel onto the Ghana market as well as the Shell Super extra and diesel extra fuels in 2011.

Mr. Ouattara also noted that they introduced the Shell Super extra and diesel extra fuels in 2011, Shell FuelSave in 2015, Ezypass card in 2016, a loyalty program in 2019 and now the Shell advanced new fuels in 2021 to protect and improve the performance of engines.

“At Shell we want to offer our customers the very latest in fuels technology, designed to meet the challenges presented by both the very latest, as well as more traditional, engine technologies,” he said.

The Managing Director urged vehicle owners to purchase their new fuels to “enjoy the unique benefits of the New Shell Fuels portfolio, whatever their journey may be”.


A Shell scientist, Ms Mario Rodriguez-Moya, in a presentation to explain the benefits of the products, said that the Shell fuelSave unleaded, prevents add on deposits in the engine while the Shell V-power, which is three times boosted with more cleaning and friction reducing molecules than the Shell FuelSave Unleaded cleans and protect the engine.

She added that the Shell FuelSave Diesel contained an anti-foam agent designed to help reduce refueling time for customer convenience.

Ms Rodriguez-Moya also indicated that the new advanced fuels have been tested for a period of five years and have been recommended by Scuderia Ferarri, the sports division of Ferarri, a car manufacturing company.

The founder of the Salt and Light Ministry, Dr. Joyce Aryee, who was the guest speaker, commended the company for introducing the new products and for being committed in offering better fuels, lubricants and loyalty programmes to address customers’ dynamic needs.

“Today as we witness another historic moment of innovation of Vivo energy Ghana, I congratulate the company for always taking the lead to introduce exciting products and services to exceed customer expectations,” she said.

The Industry Coordinator of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies, Mr. Kwaku Agyeman Duah, in a goodwill message, urged vehicle owners to purchase Shell’s new advanced fuels as it satisfies all classes of engines.