The New Patriotic Party (NPP) branch in the Western region are seen in a state of disagreement as the Regional Secretary Charles Bissue, found his office locks changed by members of the party upon arrival at the office earlier this morning.

Speaking to a regional based radio Connect FM, a source indicated that, “The regional deputy secretary Samuel Kofi Abiaw and some boys came to the office, broke the key nob and went into the office”.

The source further  indicated that the regional Chairman of the party Dickson Attah-Nketiah was engaged in the vendetta on one side with executives as against the Mr Bissue the party regional secretary.

It is believed that a meeting was organised over the weekend in the absence of the secretary of his side and at this meeting that the decision to take over the Secretary's office was made.

“The regional deputy secretary Samuel Kofi Abiaw and some boys came to the office, broke the key nob and went into the office,” the undisclosed source further indicated.

The personal secretary of the Regional Chairman, Tony Nketsia when asked later confirmed that the locks were changed.

“We needed the office to work and since the regional secretary was not responding to our calls to come open the door, we opened it,” he said.

Mr Bissue also spoke to the press saying the actions of the Regional Chairman has come to him as  shock  especially when the key to the office was not asked.

The Regional Secretary has been accused of not been accessible to the party and to this he said he was not supposed to be in the office all the time on other to serve the party.
He said, “In any case, I don’t always have to be physically present in the office before I can work”.

He as however received a letter from the Regional Chairman and instructed to return  Mitsubishi L200 pick-up vehicle and documents covering it and another vehicle, a Kantanka )mama pick-up.

“You unilaterally decided to keep possession of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup and its documentations without my consent and approval". The letter indicated.

“To my utmost dismay, you told me you have registered the car (Mitsubishi)…without my consent and authority even though you are aware that you do not have such authority to deal with such property of the party in that manner.

“I therefore find your conduct with respect to how you have handled the two pick-ups to be unreasonable and gross disrespect to my office,” the letter further contained.