For the second time in five weeks, the Wa Islamic Senior High School girls’ dormitory has been gutted by fire.

The female students had their test and exercise books, mattresses, food and beds destroyed by the fire.

The dormitory burnt by the fire is a temporary one given to the girls following a similar fire that gutted their dormitory on January 7, 2020.  Some 205 girls of the school are now displaced.

The headmaster of the school, Mohammed Bafara disclosed that the incident happened when the students were attending night classes.

A final year student of the school, Shekira Regina said they were in class when they heard their colleagues shouting and crying for help.

''We even thought there was somebody chasing them but before we realize there was fire all over. We lost everything to the fire, our text and exercise books, mattresses, bedsheets, and our food have been consumed by the fire.''

He also disclosed that 20 students who were rushed to the hospital after they panicked following the incident have all been discharged.

Though school authorities have not asked them to go home, Shekira said it would be difficult for them, especially, those who are in the third year and are preparing for their final exams.

“We cannot go home and come back. There is no time on our side,'' she said.

The headmaster of the school, Mohammed Bafara is shocked by the incident.

''After the first incident, we did a quick assessment to see whether there is a risk on campus which can bring any hazard. We even looked beyond fire, we looked at food poisoning, organized a training session with the venders, kitchen staff just to ensure that nothing of that sort happens again.

“We even conduct inspections at the dormitories more than before. But, unfortunately, just when we are recovering from the first, this happens,” he added.

Deputy Upper West regional Minister Amidu Chinnia Issahaku who visited the school said a committee will be set up to look into the issue and proffer recommendations to forestall future occurrences.

He said the 205 students who were affected by the first inferno are the same affected again and he cannot rule out any foul play. Source: