New video shows the moment a helicopter crashed into the Hudson River after spinning several times in an attempt to regain control.

The clip, originally posted to Snapchat, shows a Blade charter chopper travelling south about 100 feet above the water near 12th Avenue and West 30th Street when some kind of malfunction occurred. The helicopter spun about 180 degrees while quickly losing altitude and eventually crashing into the water below with a massive splash that appears to send debris flying into the air.

​This video appears to show the moment a helicopter crashed into the Hudson River Wednesday afternoon. The NYPD says the helicopter crashed moments after taking off from a West 30th Street helipad. The FDNY says the pilot and a heliport worker suffered minor injuries.

​READ MORE: Indian Air Force Gets First Apache Attack Helicopter at US Boeing Plant Only the pilot was onboard the helicopter, the New York Post reported. Officials said the pilot and a worker on a nearby helipad were treated for minor injuries.Source: